Executive Council

Anna Avery


My name is Anna Avery and I have the privilege of being the President of Gamma Chi Delta. I am a member of PC'18 and am from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At Trinity I am currently studying Neuroscience. As President I work to serve the members of Gamma Chi Delta by being the voice of our club to administration and Greek Council. I also get to be a sounding board for the other members of Exec and the rest of the club as we continually work together to improve our organization and build off of the many things we do well. I enjoy so many things about this role but for me some of the highlights are being able to show off our club to the rest of the Trinity community. I am constantly blown away by the suggestions and enthusiasm that our members show and it has been so fun to get to work with these members and develop these ideas. I also really enjoy getting to be hands-on in the decisions that are being made and getting to develop deeper relationships with the other members. This role makes me grateful and proud every day to be a Gamma!

Truly Tinsley

vice president

Hi my name is Truly Tinsley, I am a junior international relations and chinese major. I am from Fort Worth Texas and love being in San Antonio. Some of my favorite things are Harry Potter books/movies, Thai food, and running. I am also on the Trinity cheer team. I love being Gamma Vice President because it allows me to work with Anna and contribute to the club while organizing events for all of my favorite people.

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