Executive Council

Anna Avery


My name is Anna Avery and I have the privilege of being the President of Gamma Chi Delta. I am a member of PC'18 and am from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  At Trinity I am currently studying Neuroscience. As President I work to serve the members of Gamma Chi Delta by being the voice of our club to administration and Greek Council. I also get to be a sounding board for the other members of Exec and the rest of the club as we continually work together to improve our organization and build off of the many things we do well. I enjoy so many things about this role but for me some of the highlights are being able to show off our club to the rest of the Trinity community. I am constantly blown away by the suggestions and enthusiasm that our members show and it has been so fun to get to work with these members and develop these ideas. I also really enjoy getting to be hands-on in the decisions that are being made and getting to develop deeper relationships with the other members. This role makes me grateful and proud every day to be a Gamma!

Emma Funk 

vice president

Hi, I'm Emma Funk. I am currently a junior, and I am on the volleyball team. I am the Vice President! In this position I work side by side with Anna to help organize and run the club! I am really looking forward to planning events that celbrate our club and help Anna with her responsibilities in any way that I can! 

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    My name is Addison Swofford and I am the secretary for Gammas. I am a junior and a member of PC ’19! I am majoring in neuroscience and in my free time you can also find me on the softball field. I really enjoy being secretary because I have a hand in planning and making sure our club is up to date on what is happening within and outside of Gammas. This club is full of hardworking, passionate, and involved women that mean so much to me. I love being able to give back and represent them.

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    Hi! I am Sami Lin and I am a member of PC’18. I am the treasurer of Gamma Chi Delta. I am a junior from Sugar Land, Texas and am pursuing a degree in Mathematical Finance. As treasurer, I am responsible for collecting dues, organizing semester budgets, and managing the club’s financial accounts. This position has been an enjoyable experience because I love that it not only incorporates managing the financial side of the club but emphasizes the importance of communicating with other members and those on executive council. I am so thankful to be a Gamma because every single member motivates me to serve/be more involved in the club and in the community. Every Gamma is hardworking and driven and that is something that I admire about the club as a whole! 

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    Concert for CAMP Chair

    My name is Alexis Acevedo and San Antonio native. I will be graduating in 2022, majoring in political science with a minor in Spanish. I am the current Concert for Camp Chair. Concert for camp is an annual philanthropy event organized to give donations to Camp Camp. We are dedicated to supporting kids with special needs thrive in an environment most comfortable for them with as much love and support as possible. I decided to run for this position because it is a direct display of one of Gamma Chi Deltas 4 pillars, service. Every gamma in one form or another gives back and this is a way for us to give back as a whole, something I am grateful to be apart of.


    Philanthropy Chair

    Hi, my name is Nina Bowness and I am a Senior and member of PC '18. I am really excited to be in this position because service is one of the important ways that Gammas give back to the community, and I am excited to deepen our impact and foster new relationships with local organizations. 

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    Judicial & Alumni Chair

    Hi, I'm Sam Wilfur. I am currently a junior and a member of  PC '19.  I am the Judicial/Alumni Chair, and this position requires me to make sure the actives follow the rules in our constitution, while also organizing the Alumni Brunch in the fall and keeping the alumni up to date on all of our activities. I am very excited to be exec and help run Gammas! 

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    Standards Chair

    Hello! My name is Megan Flores, and I’m a sophomore Business Analytics and Technology major from Houston, Texas. At Trinity, I play for the women’s tennis team, and also serve as the Standards Chair for Gamma Chi Delta’s executive council, in which I’m responsible for encouraging our sorority’s campus engagement. Joining Gamma Chi Delta was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I can’t wait to help give back to the wonderful women that have already given me so much. 

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